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After flying an early fixed wing flight in Kai Tak, we go to Yuen Long to fly a quadcopter running APM.

The APM running Futaba 14SG system can fly 800M very easily, if not 3.5KM.

But we had trouble making 150M for the first flight, then 400M. Apparently, some heavy interference is out there.

昨天去完啟德飛完定翼,就去元朗飛 APM:Copter。之前用 Futaba 14SG 飛 800 米都冇問題。今次呢,想過河 150M 都有難度。於是就飛去廁所喇,點知去到 380M 番轉頭就入咗 failed-safe 迫住 Return-to-Launch.

南生圍既 2.4Ghz 干擾好似好勁。