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We were testing a fixed-wing drone with manual control, to test the 5.8Ghz video transmission.

Didn't enable the "return to home" function because the flight was supposed to be simple and "a quickie".

Plane took off, and 3 other remote control planes also took off. Quite fun.

Then, plane loses manual control 200 meters away from launch.

It descends in a shadow spiral and lands intact in a parking lot. A kind person found it and tried to reach us with a note. Too bad, the sony camera was "out of focus" from the paper, so didn't see anything.

Reach the plane via the GPS coordinates from the OSD. Happy ending.

Take away?
1. Upgraded the radio to Futaba 14SG.
2. Return-to-home must be enabled and tested thoroughly. Things like FY-41AP can save your plane.
3. Try not to fly when you see other things in the air.
4. Fixed Wing planes can actually land and glide smoothly to the ground without a scratch. Don't panic.
5. Yuen Long is really the only place to test drones safely in Hong Kong. Don't fly anywhere else.

Thanks to the kind person who found my plane. We will definitely love to buy you dinner.