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APM 之 Mission Planner 加上機場 3 英里指示

  • Jun 3, 2014

APM Mission Plannaer 剛剛加入「機場 3 英里指示」到地圖顯示頁面。

請注意,Mission Planner 的機場邊界圓圈只是標示機場區域,給你作參考用途。飛行器仍可飛到機場區域的地方。

所作出的改動可以看 Github 的 issue #45

This is a warning system only, it is up to the operator to maintain control of the aircraft, if the operator wishes to set a geofence around an area, they can do that already. There may be lawful reasons someone may wish to fly within the 3nm limit.